AI Prompt Grand Prix JAIE

The award ceremony will take place in BANQUET in the Metaverse Cluster.
It will take place on 2 August 2023.

Concept:Moving towards utilising  AI Prompt instead of banning it.

AI Prompt Grand Prix Entry Form

The ChatGPT chatbot was released in November 2022 by the OpenAI company. In 3 months since its release, ChatGPT surpassed 100 million users, and its user base if expected to continue growing.  Its high utility value is also expected to lead to its use in various situations. However, the rapid increase in users has raised concerns about A.I. (Such as ChatGPT, Bard, LLaMA, Bing, etc.) information literacy and the use of such A.I. prompt programs. As such, JAIE feels that improving A.I. information literacy in society is urgent. The aim of the "A.I. Prompt Grand Prix" is to introduce specific examples of how to use A.I. prompt programs to the general public and to improve its literacy, including usage methods,information morality, and security. We look forward to receiving many innovative ideas for new usage methods from everyone.

In the AI Prompt Grand Prix, in addition to the Grand Prize awarded to one person, there are plans to present the Corporate Group Awards.

AI Prompt Grand Prize: Digital Certificate, Extra Prize 100,000 yen .

The Corporate Group Awards include the following:

・Kamakura Sachiko Corporation Award: Prize of 30,000 yen
・Aceley Award: Prize of Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen
・Last Mile Award: Prize of Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen
・DAO Inc. Award: Prize of Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen
・Digital Storytelling Lab Award: Prize of Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen.

・Honourable Mention (A few): Digital Certificate

Other corporate prizes wanted

Application Deadline: 30 June 2023.

Award ceremony: 2 August 2023.

All submissions become the property of the JAIE Grand Prix of AI Prompt Committee till 2nd August 2023.
After the awards ceremony, the committee will publish the winning entries under Creative Commons (cc BY), and make it available to the public. All other submissions will be relinquished to their authors.

Double submissions are not permitted.

You may submit as many submissions as you wish.
During the selection process we may ask you for additional information.

Host Organization:JAIE Grand Prix of AI Prompt Committee


<Panel of Judges>

Name Position Institution
1 Akihiro TAKAKURA Game Librarian
2 Hiroko KANOH Associate Professor Yamagata University, Institute of Arts and Sciences
3 Hiroshi Imai Country Manager Qlik
4 Irene C. TAGUINOD Dr.IT Lecturer Mazoon College
5 Jive Lubbungu Dr. Lecturer Kwame Nkrumah University, in Zambia 
6 Kazuki MIYATA Lecturer Aoyama Gakuin University
7 Naoki SUZUKI Associate Professor Tokyo Gakugei University, Faculty of Education, Department of Health and Sports Science
8  Naoki Yamamoto  CEO  A3 Co., Ltd.
9 Rod VELASCO Dr.Researcher Gulf College, Oman and Institute of Industry and Academic Research, Inc.
10 Takaya ENDO Former Chief Engineer NTT Advanced Technology
11 Yoshihide CHUBACHI Professor Advanced Software Engineering Laboratory, Head of Master Program of Information Systems Architecture
12 Yuko ITATSU Professor The University of Tokyo, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies

<Regarding the 1st AI Prompt Grand Prix>

When OpenAI introduced GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) in 2018, we took notice as it seemed like a promising tool for a new form of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). However, at that time, the accuracy was not yet sufficient, so we patiently awaited further advancements. In November 2022, GPT-3 gained widespread popularity, with numerous APIs and applications being developed, and the discussion of how to best utilize various prompts emerged. Additionally, in March 2023, GPT-4, which greatly surpasses the accuracy of GPT-3, was released.

This is an opportune moment for the Japan Association for Information Education to fulfill its mission and promote AIPrompt Literacy education. Few people have utilized AIPrompt beyond translation, summarization, and basic program source development. Their application in data science, such as generating 3D graphs, remains limited.

Therefore, we have decided to organize this Grand Prix to provide a platform for participants to present exemplary uses of AIPrompt and contribute to society.

The use of AIPrompt raises concerns such as copyright infringement, plagiarism, privacy considerations, transparency and accountability, biases and discrimination, and surveillance and interference. However, we firmly believe that it holds far greater allure and potential. We eagerly await your valuable suggestions and extend our gratitude to all those who have supported and collaborated with us in organizing this event.

Hiroko Kanohh
Chair, Japan Association for Informatics Education (JAIE)

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