Outline of the society

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many problems. Both true and false information drove people to harbour feelings of anxiety, fear, and suspicion. Infodemics arose from fear of the virus, hoaxes, and fake news. However, it appears that the times are about to change. Distance learning has become widespread in schools, and the informatisation of society as a whole is being promoted. Informatics education is important for this age. To interpret information on the Internet, analyse behaviour, and educate students, it is necessary to gather knowledge in various academic fields. We look forward to the participation of several academics and researchers.

February 20, 2022 Hiroko Kanoh, Founder and Chairman of the Japan Society for Informatics Education

Overview of Japan Association for Informatics Education

This academic society is working on educational issues such as programming education, smartphone guidance, net cyberbullying prevention education. We accept consultations on children and internet related educational issues.

Core Activities

  1. Publication of a Journal of Informatics Education
  2. Research Conference
  3. Special Interest Group